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It all began in 1984 when a small group of ambitious engineers looked forward and version a company focusing in the manufacture of equipment regarding the plastic industry. Over the years, MP Extruders has been strengthened and managed with continuous work, consistency and reliability to evolve, gaining control of 80 % of the Greek market for plastic packaging products. Today, MP Extruders S.&D. KOTSOPOULOS GP. Mainly deals with the manufacture of Blown Film Extruders, while at the same time is the only company in the Greek territory that designs and creates specialized and complete plastic line solution.

Delegations – Imports

The MP Extruders offers a full range of well-known brands of machines, peripherals, accessories and spare parts for quality and reliable coverage of all product needs in plastics industry.

After Sales Service & Know How

Supporting every need ... from the beginning!

MP Extruders always stands next to the customer, with an important After Sales department, which will support him at every stage of production and distribution. It offers a full range of branded spare parts, immediately recognizable, with marketing worldwide. Additionally, the MP Extruders offers to young entrepreneurs, who are now taking their first steps in "Know-How", their first training in production planning, then in equipment handling and finally in production process.

We develop Factories

Our company has many years of experience in developing and delivering functional factories at all levels.

Personalised Solutions

We provide our customers with personalized solutions that meet every single need that appears.

Extrusion Lines

The MP Extruders manufacture entirely one-layer, three-layer and five-layer Blow Film Extruders for a wide range of plastic packaging applications like:
√ Shopping Plastic Bags
√ Food Packaging
√ Shrink Films
√ Ball Warping Nets
√ Agricultural Film
√ Biodegradable Films
√ Lamination Films

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The MP Extruders complies with the requirements of the following applied CE standards.
MP Extruders manufactures high-tech machines, which combine the low acquisition and operation cost with the highest level of production, capable of processing:
- Recyclable materials
- New technology biodegradable materials.
The MP Extruders is an honorary member of the Association of Hellenic Plastic Industries.

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